• Flikframe hero wide

    Picture frames
    that don’t mess up
    your walls.

    Restickable, collapsible & customisable picture frames that sticks on the wall,
    NO nails required = NO angry landlord.
    Change your photo wall layout, change the look of your frame,
    it only takes a minute or 2.

    Live on Kickstarter NOW!

If walls could talk

Pictures, hang them on the wall, and it will immediately transform any space to become warm, personal and full of life. However, hanging pictures on the wall may not always be an easy thing to do.

You’re renting, holes on the wall will burn a hole in your bond $$$.
Or, it’s one of those walls that nails can’t penetrate.
Or, you don’t have a hammer, drill, or measuring tape.
Or, a hole on the wall permanently is just too way much commitment.

Flikframe, sticks on the wall, no tools required

The lightweight, collapsible, customizable picture frame. Modern, sleek, thick – and without the excessive weight.

Flikframe can stick on the wall with sticky tack, which means no marks will be left of the wall, and you can rearrange as often as you want. Just position the backboard onto the wall, and ‘flick’ your Flikframe up, it really is that quick.

It’s a picture frame made out of card?

Yes, it is the same recycled box boards you would find in the typical Apple product packaging. With the special V-shaped groove on the inside, means you get a sharp edge on the outside.

So you don’t want a white/black/wooden frame?

Flikframe Jackets can change the look of your picture frame in seconds. Think your gold typographic print will look stunning in a marble frame? Now you can try it out without needing a new picture frame.


Live now on Kickstarter

To produce Flikframe at the best price and best quality, we need your support on Kickstarter, so we can reach the minimum quantity needed for a streamline factory production.

As a token of our gratitude, we are now on Kickstarter with some super special early bird pledges!

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